Brennus Music - 2005

Recording, Mixing & Arrangements : Gilles Kauffman

Mastering : Yvon Krupp

Studio : Kirk Production

Artwork : Grégory Lê

Photos : Julien Becker

CD-ROM & VideoClip : Richard Ballèvre, Jean-Marc Bechler & Jimmy Fisher

Music : Seyminhol

Lyrics & Concept : Kevin Kazek


Kévin Kazek : Vocals & Narrations

Nicolas Pélissier : Guitars, Keyboards & Orchestrations 

Christophe Billon-Laroute : Bass

Julien Truttmann : Drums


Christian le Menn & Bruno Guénan : Bagpipe, Irish flute

Malik Tounsi : Percussions

Roger Baumann : Violin

Déborah Hofer : Walkyrie's Voice

Choirs : The  Ensemble Choral «Les Choeurs Classiques», Michael Goulon, Kévin Kazek, Nicolas Pélissier, Déborah Hofer, Christophe Billon-Laroute & Dominique Calastretti.

Narrators : Kevin Kazek, John List, Sylvain Colson, Robert Strumpel, Fabrice Fröhlig & Déborah Hofer.


Part IV : Thorgis Last Peregrination

I. The Christian World's Death Throes ?

II. A Furore Normannorum

III. First Interlude - A Fatal Homen

IV. Laments of a King

V. Return of the Long Snake

VI. Veizla Ok Orykkja


Part V: When the North Is Raging

I. Second Interlude - In the Winding of Thought

II. Godfred's Will

III. And the North, Now, Had the Ships

IV. Invaders

V. The Bloody Ramparts


Part VI: The Wary Ravens of Hroptatyr

I. Third Interlude - Dawn of the Gods

II. The Conquest Is Marching

III. Breath of Fate


I. La 7ème Croisade (Unreleased)

II. Ode to Eternity (Radio Edit)

CD-ROM : Clip, Photos & Wallpapers

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